Undergraduate Academic Services
  Top FAQs

1.   How do I obtain past year exam papers?
2.   How do I qualify to be in the Dean's List and how are we informed?
3.   Is class attendance compulsory?
4.   How do I appeal for a review of my exam results?
5.   Is the degree audit equivalent to the transcript?
6.   I would like to swop my elective with a friend. However, in STARS, there is only an option to swop index number for the same course. There is no option to swop courses.
7.   When was the Grade Point Average (GPA) system implemented?
8.   I am a current student of NTU and would like to apply for a change of programme. What is the procedure?
9.   How do I apply for course exemption?
10.   How do I apply to do a Second Major?