Undergraduate Academic Services
  Top FAQs

1.   How do I obtain past year exam papers?
2.   How do I qualify to be in the Dean's List and how are we informed?
3.   Is class attendance compulsory?
4.   I would like to swop my elective with a friend. However, in STARS, there is only an option to swop index number for the same course. There is no option to swop courses.
5.   How do I apply to do a Second Major?
6.   How do I apply for course exemption?
7.   I am a current student of NTU and would like to apply for a change of programme. What is the procedure?
8.   When was the Grade Point Average (GPA) system implemented?
9.   Is the degree audit equivalent to the transcript?
10.   How do I appeal for a review of my exam results?