Top FAQs

1.   What are the cut-off points for your programmes?
2.   Can I appeal if I am rejected to be considered under the Discretionary Admissions (DA) Scheme ?
3.   If I am offered a programme but I wish to appeal to change programme, is it possible?
4.   How many intakes are there?
5.   How many intakes are there?
6.   How do I qualify to be in the Dean's List and how are we informed?
7.   May I enquire that if I took the GCE A levels examinations as a school candidate and did not do well for a certain subject, and I decided to retake the particular subject only in the following year, would I be able to use the best grade for that subject for admissions, or I could only use the grade I had as a school candidate?
8.   How to reset my NTU network account / Office 365 EDU account password?
9.   How do I know whether my on-line application has been received by NTU?
10.   Why am I unable to log into iNTU with my NTU login user ID?