Top FAQs

1.   How do I know my chances of getting selected for GEM Explorer?
2.   How do I look for housing for my GEM Explorer exchange semester?
3.   I want to select a partner university to go to, where do I start?
4.   What is course-matching and how do match courses for GEM Explorer?
5.   I missed the application deadline; can I still apply for GEM Explorer?
6.   Where do I get a 'Letter of Nomination'?
7.   I want to apply for a future intake/academic year, can I apply in advance during GEM Explorer's current application period for the current intake/academic year?
8.   How do I apply for GEM Explorer?
9.   In order to apply for a student visa, the embassy says that I need a letter from NTU. What is this?
10.   Can I apply for GEM Explorer if I had previously been in an overseas programme that was NOT an Exchange programme?